Feedback and Testimonials on our Properties and Services ;

Testimonials from our property customers

The Shannon Campus provides properties and services for 300 companies and 8,000 employees. These companies vary from large multinationals to single person start-ups across a range of industries.

Join world leading companies such as, Edwards Lifesciences, Jaguar Landrover, Intel, Zimmer, Ei Electronics and Meira GTx.

Hear from companies in our region about how The Shannon Airport Group has made a positive impact on their business.

“Northern Trust would not have been able to grow from 19 people to over 1,400 people without The Shannon Airport Group. The decision to locate in Limerick was partly due to its proximity to Shannon Airport. The connectivity provided by the Airport, coupled with the ease of access to Shannon and the availability of US Pre Clearance, make the airport essential to our business operations.” Catherine Duffy, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust.

“The Shannon Airport Group plays a vital role and allows University of Limerick to continue to build vibrant exchanges, partnerships, and collaborations around the globe. The international transport connectivity from Shannon Airport strongly supports our internationalisation strategy…. A thriving Shannon Airport and indeed the wider Group is interconnected with UL’s continued growth.” Professor Kerstin Mey, President, University of Limerick.

“The Shannon Airport Group is very important to our business operations…..providing connectivity through Shannon Airport as well as innovative property solutions….With overseas subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and the USA, having access to key hubs from Shannon is vital to us.” Mick Guinee, Founder, Chairman and CEO. EI Electronics.

“...The ongoing development of SNNGroup will be key to enabling businesses across our regions to continue to grow and develop. Furthermore, given that regional connectivity is a core part of Project Ireland 2040, the continued growth of SNNGroup will be key to achieving Balanced Regional Development for Ireland.” Limerick, Shannon, Ennis, and Galway Chambers.

“Working with The Shannon Airport Group allowed us to ensure that our property solution was designed to fit our specific requirements whilst also affording us the opportunity to grow further in the Campus….having Shannon Airport on our doorstep allows us to have quick access to our UK headquarters and to access markets in Europe and beyond which has been critical as we have grown our business.” 
John Cormican, General Manager, Global Product Engineering, JLR.

"Shannon Airport’s direct connectivity and customs & border pre-clearance to the US, along with daily flights to UK and Europe are an important asset to multinational companies. The property solutions Shannon Airport Group develop assist in the attraction of investment…. The Shannon Airport Group is a valued partner in attracting FDI to the Mid-West and beyond.” Will Corcoran, Regional Manager, Mid-West, IDA Ireland.

“International connectivity is very important to us…..Because of the Airport, the region has a cutting-edge industrial base that is growing every year; the knowledge economy is significantly enabled by having access to US, UK, and mainland Europe centres of economic activity…” Professor Vincent Cunnane, President of Technological University of the Shannon.

Hear from one our property tenants, and CEO of ViClarity, Ogie Sheehy, about their offices in Kerry Technology Park, Tralee.

Hear from one our property tenants, and CEO of ViClarity, Ogie Sheehy, about their offices in Kerry Technology Park, Tralee.

"People can now have large, corporate global careers in a place like Tralee where years ago that would have been quite difficult."

Ogie Sheehy CEO European Business and Global CIO at ViClarity