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Please direct any media queries to the Communications Team at The Shannon Airport Group by emailing

Media Guidelines for Media Access Requests

If you’re a journalist, producer or are working on a story or project on The Shannon Airport Group and/or Shannon Airport, we’d be delighted to help out. But like all public spaces, we do have a few guidelines we hope you can follow.

For technical reasons, all media organisations must seek specific permission before using satellite vans to broadcast live from Shannon Airport or our other locations and offices.

If you think you’ll need Airport airside access (that’s any part of the terminal beyond security search, including the travel value and duty free shops, departure lounge, boarding gates, customs hall, aircraft ramp, taxiways and runways), there are a few extra requirements to keep in mind...

You can make your application directly to:

Nandi O'Sullivan -Head of Communications 
T: +353 61 712890 / 086 2371510

Caoimhe Flanagan – Communications Specialist
T: +353 61 712383 / 086 198 3408

Photography, Filming & Research Requests

Thanks to our wonderful setting and great facilities, we get requests all the time from people who’d like to film footage, take photographs, do research and more. We understand that getting that perfect shot, footage, or finding out the crucial piece of information is not easy so we’ll do our best to help out where we can.

Filming & Photography

Like all other public places, we have a few guidelines that we’d like people to follow...

Radio / TV

Airport Airside Access

You have already been in touch on your project . The next step is to apply for a special airside access pass. Airside refers to all areas of the Airport that lie beyond security search, including the Shannon Duty Free, the departure lounges, boarding gates, aircraft ramp, taxiways and runways. 


Doing research is not an easy job and whether it’s for school, college, or work, we’ll do our best to facilitate you. Simply get in touch by email and tell us why you’d like to find out more about The Shannon Airport Group and we’ll be happy to help out.



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