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Airport Charges

Please see below for the current charge levels for services at Shannon Airport as set out in Section 2 of the Air Navigation and Transport (Amendment) Act, 1998 and detailed in the Terms & Conditions Booklet.

Charge Type Charge Basis in €
Runway Movement Charge (per tonne or part thereof) Standard 4.20
Night-time operating surcharge  
(Non-scheduled services)

(applies between 2300 & 0700hrs local)

+50% on the standard
landing/departure charges based on
Aircraft Parking (per 30 minutes or part thereof) Wide Contact 34.00
  Narrow/Contact 27.00
  Wide/Remote 16.75
  Narrow/Remote 13.25
  Light Aircraft Parking Areas 2.00
  Long Term Remote (narrow body) 6.60
  Long Term Remote (wide body) 9.90
Airbridge Use (per 30 minutes or part thereof) Standard 8.50
Passenger Service Charge (per departing passenger) All Routes except
Long Haul Commercial (scheduled)
Airport Security Charge (per departing passenger) All Routes except
Long Haul Commercial (scheduled)
Long Haul (per departing passenger)
Scheduled Commercial
Nov - Mar
April - Oct
Transfer Passenger Charge (per departing passenger) All Routes 1.00

We're making it easy for your airline to partner with Shannon Airport. Please see some important documents you may need below:

Note: As per the Shannon Airport Terms and Conditions, the Aircraft Fleet Declaration Form document must be submitted prior to the start of each scheduling season.

Also for non-aviation charges the Shannon Airport Authority Miscellaneous charges

We're also making it easy for you to understand our charges at Shannon Airport. Please see below an explanation of our Airport charge references and codes.

Codes Explanation
ABC-RRI Airbridge Hire  RSS    Discounts
APC-CDS Aircraft Parking Charge - Cargo Discount  Scheme
APC-NCS Aircraft  Parking  Charge  - Narrow  Contact  Stand
APC-NRI Air Parking Discounts  NRI
APC-NRS Aircraft  Parking  Charge  –  Narrow  Remote  Stand
APC-RRI Air Parking Discounts  RRI
APC-WCS   Aircraft      Parking Charge  – Wide  Contact  Stand
ATM-NRI Landings / Takeoff Discounts
ATM-RIS    Air   Transport  Movement  Route  Incentive Scheme  Discount
ATM-RRI Landings / Takeoff Discounts  RRI
DGT-REB Double Gateway Transatlantic Air Transport Movement Charge
NRI-ABC Airbridge Hire Discounts
PSC-CBP Cross Border Protection  Charges
PSC-NRI Passenger Charge Discounts
PSC-REM Passenger Service Charge Remote Stand
PSC-RIS Passenger   Charge     Route  Incentive   Scheme    Discount
PSC-RRI Passenger Charge Discounts  RRI
RIS-ABC Airbridge Hire Discounts RIS
STD-ABC Standard Airbridge Charge
STD-ASC Airport Security Charge
STD-ATM Standard  / Peak Air Transport Movement Charge
STD-PRM Persons with Reduced Mobility Charge
STD-PSC Passenger Charge
STR-ATM Standard  /  Peak  Training  Air  Transport  Movement  Charge
STR-REB Standard / Peak Training Air Transport Movement Rebate
TRF-PSC Transfer Passenger Service Charge
TRF-RRI Transfer Passenger Discount Scheme