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Advertise at Shannon Airport

Nothing compares with the opportunity of promoting your brand at a major international airport. Few other locations have an atmosphere charged with more excitement and anticipation and few places bring together such a guaranteed diversity of people. Airport passengers are also more likely to be a more receptive to different offerings and the audience is a captive but constantly changing one.
This audience also travels through an engineered pedestrian flow through well-defined areas and can be precisely profiled according to behaviour status and mobility. Early check-in ensures a continuously mobile audience with time on its hands and an interest that can be stimulated by vibrant messages and product displays.

Vibrant messages can be delivered by brilliant backlit photography and sharp graphics or from our strategically located display lightboxes. Our captive audience can be targeted at the check-in and baggage collection areas, main concourses and along entry and exit routes. Whatever audience you select, we can offer it all day, every day.

Lightboxes are available on long and short term contracts to suit any campaign duration and sites can be selected for precise audience targeting. Such breadth and precision can create an enormous impact for your media plan.  Whatever the timescale, Shannon Airport  can offer a range of specialist services to help you make more of it.

If you require detailed maps of the advertising locations and possibilities at our airport, please contact Clear Channel
Tel: +353-1-2611048