Code of Business - Employees

Code of Conduct Employees

The Shannon Airport Group's diverse role and business activities means that employees are in continuous contact with one another and with a very wide range of customers, clients, bodies, groups and businesses, across a broad spectrum of often sensitive business relationships. It is imperative that Shannon Group maintains its reputation for reliability and integrity in pursuit of business success, through the adherence to the very highest standards in business ethics by all of its employees. It is critical that Shannon Group observes best practice in this area and is in full compliance with the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies issued by the Department of Finance (the “Code of Practice”), the provisions of which apply to all Shannon Group employees as appropriate. Shannon Group aims to affirm its professional reputation and maintain the confidence and trust that others place in our business.

The complete Shannon Group Code of Business Conduct for Employees Policy is available by clicking the link below.

Code of Business Conduct for Employees Policy 1.2