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Our Journey to a Sustainable Future

At The Shannon Airport Group, we know that our activities and our airport operation in particular are important to our community and stakeholders. They provide a key engine that fuels economic wellbeing for our region and beyond.  We also know we have a responsibility to our community and stakeholders to sustain those benefits, while also protecting our environment and ensuring an equitable, inclusive, and supportive workplace for our people.
Our sustainability strategy is not the first step in our journey to a more sustainable future; we have developed initiatives and put measures in place since our formation in 2014 to reduce our energy consumption, protect and enhance the natural environment, upgrade our infrastructure and buildings, and deliver benefit to our community through charity and education initiatives.  However, we have ambitious plans to do more.

Reaching Further for Good

Our new Sustainability Strategy - Reaching Further for Good, sets out our vision, goals, and actions for the 2022-2024 period under four pillars. The pillars are the foundation that will help us achieve our vision to “embed Sustainability into the heart of our people, business and community”.  As we grow our business in the years ahead, we are committed to ensuring that growth is both responsible and sustainable.  The pillars of our strategy will keep us focused on the areas that are key for our business and for our stakeholders and can deliver the greatest impact against our targets.

Download our Sustainbility Strategy 2022-2024 Reaching Further for Good

Download our Carbon Emissions Policy Statement

This strategy sets out our ambitions for 2022-2024. We will review our performance on an ongoing basis to ensure that our strategy is addressing the right issues and we are delivering on the ambitions we have set out. Some of the actions within this strategy will lay the foundations for longer term ambitions and so we will work throughout this period to develop our ambitions beyond 2024.

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At Shannon Airport Group, we’re working smarter and harder every day to help secure a cleaner, greener future. If you’d like to find out more about our drive toward greater sustainability, email:

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